Commit 32d715e3 authored by Andreas Freise's avatar Andreas Freise
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first working version of parsing f and phi of pds.

parent 35d22f32
......@@ -51,53 +51,48 @@ class Detector(object) :
class photodiode(Detector):
class F:
class __F(list):
def __init__(self, values=None):
if values is None:
self.values = []
self.values = values
def __len__(self):
return len(self.values)
def __getitem__(self, key):
# if key is of invalid type or value, the list values will raise the error
return self.values[key]
if values==None:
values = []
list.__init__(self,[SIfloat(value) for value in values])
def __setitem__(self, key, value):
print "setting"
self.values[key] = SIfloat(value)
list.__setitem__(self,key, SIfloat(value))
class Phi():
def __init__(self, values=None):
print values
if values is None:
self.values = []
### todo add append with SIfloat
class __Phi(list):
def __convertValue(self, value):
if value=="max":
return value
self.values = values
return SIfloat(value)
def __init__(self, values=None):
if values==None:
values = []
list.__init__(self,[self.__convertValue(value) for value in values])
def __getitem__(self, key): # probably not needed
print "boom"
if self.values[key]=="max":
return self.values[key]
if list.__getitem__(self,key)=="max":
return list.__getitem__(self,key)
return float(self.values[key])
return float(list.__getitem__(self,key))
def __setitem__(self,key,value):
if value=="max":
self.values[key] = value
self.values[key] = SIfloat(value)
def append(self, value):
list.__setitem__(self,key, self.__convertValue(value))
### todo add append with convertValue
def f(self): return self.F('f', self.__f)
def f(self, key, value): self.__f[key]=value
def f(self): return self.__f
def phi(self): return self.__phi
def __init__(self, name, node, senstype=None, num_demods=0, demods=[]):
Detector.__init__(self, name, node)
if num_demods>2:
......@@ -106,15 +101,12 @@ class photodiode(Detector):
self.senstype = senstype
# every second element into f (starting at 1)
self.__f = self.F(demods[::2])
self.__f = self.__F(demods[::2])
# Every second element into phi (starting at 2)
self.__phi = self.Phi()
self.__phi = self.__Phi()
for i in demods[1::2]:
print self.__phi
print self.__phi[0]
def parseFinesseText(text):
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