Commit 3ae7dae7 authored by Daniel Brown's avatar Daniel Brown
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Fixing exception bug Sebastian spotted

parent 79579343
......@@ -744,17 +744,17 @@ class kat(object):
pykat.commands.gauss.parseFinesseText(line, self)
elif (first == "scale"):
v = line.split()
accepted = ["PSD","PSD_HF","ASD","ASD_HF","meter", "ampere", "degs"]
accepted = ["psd","psd_hf","asd","asd_hf","meter", "ampere", "degs"]
if len(v) == 3:
component_name = v[2]
if v[1] in accepted:
if v[1].lower() in accepted:
val = v[1]
val = SIfloat(v[1])
except ex as exception.ValueError:
except ValueError as ex:
raise pkex.BasePyKatException("Line `{0}`:\nAccepted scale values are decimal numbers or %s." % (line,str(accepted)))
if component_name in self.__detectors :
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