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Added instance variable notNan to the class surfacemap.

parent e6b55c96
......@@ -37,19 +37,25 @@ class MirrorROQWeights:
if self.tBack is not None: self.tBack.writeToFile(f=f)
class surfacemap(object):
def __init__(self, name, maptype, size, center, step_size, scaling, data=None):
def __init__(self, name, maptype, size, center, step_size, scaling, notNan=None ,data=None): = name
self.type = maptype = center
self.step_size = step_size
self.scaling = scaling
self.notNan = notNan
self.__interp = None
if data is None: = np.zeros(size)
else: = data
if notNan is None:
self.notNan = np.ones(size)
self.notNan = notNan
self._rom_weights = None
......@@ -360,6 +366,24 @@ class surfacemap(object):
return fig
def remove_curvature(self, Rc0, w=0, display='off'):
# Removes curvature from mirror map by fitting a sphere to
# mirror surface. Based on the file
# 'FT_remove_curvature_from_mirror_map.m'.
# Rc0 - Initial guess of the radius of curvature
# w - Beam radius on mirror [m], used for weighting. w=0
# switches off weighting.
# display - Display mode of the fitting routine. Can be 'off',
# 'iter', 'notify', or 'final'.
zOffset =[round([1]), round([0])]
params = Rc
return 0
class mergedmap:
A merged map combines multiple surfaces map to form one. Such a map can be used
......@@ -697,10 +721,13 @@ class zernikemap(surfacemap): = data
# Reads surface map files and return surfacemap-object.
# supported mapFormat: 'finesse', 'ligo', 'zygo'.
# All ascii formats.
def read_map(filename, mapFormat='finesse'):
# Function turning input x into float.
g = lambda x: float(x)
if mapFormat == 'finesse':
with open(filename, 'r') as f:
......@@ -717,7 +744,6 @@ def read_map(filename, mapFormat='finesse'):
data = np.loadtxt(filename, dtype=np.float64,ndmin=2,comments='%')
# Converts raw zygo and ligo mirror maps to the finesse
# format. Based on translation of the matlab scripts
# 'FT_read_zygo_map.m' and 'FT_read_ligo_map.m'
......@@ -931,13 +957,13 @@ def read_map(filename, mapFormat='finesse'):
data[isNan] = 0
# TODO: Add options for reading .xyz-zygo and virgo maps.
# TODO: Add options for reading virgo maps, and .xyz zygo
# maps (need .xys file for this). Binary ligo-maps?
# The intensity data is not used to anything here. Remove
# or add to pykat?
return surfacemap(name, maptype, size, center, step,
scaling, data)
scaling, notNan, data)
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