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adding missing pi test

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l l1 3530 0 n1 # power so that there is 1MW in the cavity
tem l1 0 0 0 0
tem l1 1 1 1 0
m m1 0.986 0.014 0 n1 n2
s s1 3994.5 n2 n3
m m2 0.99999 1e-5 0 n3 n4
cav c1 m1 n2 m2 n3
attr m1 Rc -1934
attr m2 Rc 2245
tf tf1 1 0 p 30k 1E7
smotion m2 tf1
pgaind R m2 s0
yaxis re
# To plot the sidebands in the cavity
# uncomment these and remove oltfd above
#ad upper 1 1 $fs n2
#ad lower 1 1 $mfs n2
#yaxis abs
fsig l_sig l1 1 0 1
# The aim is scan the resonance frequency of the motion
# to see which might become unstable.
put tf1 fp1 $x1
xaxis l_sig f lin 20e3 50e3 1000
maxtem 2
gnuterm no
\ No newline at end of file
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