Commit d3e2ee2c authored by Miroslav Shaltev's avatar Miroslav Shaltev
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fix for 3.7.3

parent 6a4079b0
......@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ pkginclude_HEADERS = Cache_File_Point.hpp Cache.hpp Cache_Point.hpp\
Quad_Model_Search.hpp Random_Pickup.hpp RNG.hpp Search.hpp\
Set_Element.hpp Signature_Element.hpp Signature.hpp\
Single_Obj_Quad_Model_Evaluator.hpp Slave.hpp Speculative_Search.hpp\
Stats.hpp TGP_Model_Evaluator.hpp Uncopyable.hpp utils.hpp Variable_Group.hpp\
Stats.hpp Uncopyable.hpp utils.hpp Variable_Group.hpp\
VNS_Search.hpp Barrier.hpp OrthogonalMesh.hpp
bin_PROGRAMS = nomad
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