Commit 2149448c authored by David Keitel's avatar David Keitel
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BaseSearchClass.set_ephemeris_files(): if given custom files, actually save them

parent 62dffe7a
......@@ -345,7 +345,8 @@ class BaseSearchClass(object):
Paths of the two files containing positions of Earth and Sun,
respectively at evenly spaced times, as passed to CreateFstatInput
Note: If not manually set, default values in ~/.pyfstat are used
Note: If not manually set, default values from get_ephemeris_files()
are used (looking in ~/.pyfstat or $LALPULSAR_DATADIR)
......@@ -353,8 +354,12 @@ class BaseSearchClass(object):
if earth_ephem is None:
self.earth_ephem = earth_ephem_default
self.earth_ephem = earth_ephem
if sun_ephem is None:
self.sun_ephem = sun_ephem_default
self.sun_ephem = sun_ephem
class ComputeFstat(BaseSearchClass):
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