Commit 5df83b5f authored by Daniel Brown's avatar Daniel Brown
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fixing ANSI code issue in stderr reading

parent f6658e06
......@@ -38,6 +38,8 @@ import itertools
import ctypes
import ctypes.util
import collections
import re
from collections import namedtuple, OrderedDict
from pykat.node_network import NodeNetwork
......@@ -880,18 +882,19 @@ class kat(object):
p=subprocess.Popen(cmd, shell=False, stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.PIPE)
err = ""
#if self.verbose: print "Finesse output:"
#if self.verbose: print "Finesse output:"
for line in iter(p.stderr.readline, ""):
if len(line) > 0:
if isinstance(line, unicode):
import unicodedata
line = unicodedata.normalize('NFKD', line).encode("ascii", "ignore")
if line.lstrip().startswith('**'):
# remove any ANSI commands
ansi = re.compile(r'\x1b[^m]*m')
line = ansi.sub('', line)
# warnings and errors start with an asterisk
# so if verbose show them
if line.lstrip().startswith('*'):
if self.verbose: sys.stdout.write(line)
elif line.rstrip().endswith('s'):
elif line.rstrip().endswith('s') and line.contains('%'):
vals = line.split("-")
action = vals[0].strip()
prc = vals[1].strip()[:]
......@@ -907,8 +910,6 @@ class kat(object):
if printerr == 1:
sys.stdout.write("\r{0} {1}".format(action, prc))
elif line[0:3] == '** ':
if self.verbose: sys.stdout.write(line)
err += line
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