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    This is the first CVS checkin of code that extends the options available for smartd. · 97a9c2f1
    ballen4705 authored
    The following options can be placed into the /etc/smartd.conf file, and control the
    behavior of smartd.
    Configuration file Directives (following device name):
      -A    Device is an ATA device
      -S    Device is a SCSI device
      -c    Monitor SMART Health Status
      -l    Monitor SMART Error Log for changes
      -L    Monitor SMART Self-Test Log for new errors
      -f    Monitor for failure of any 'Usage' Attributes
      -p    Report changes in 'Prefailure' Attributes
      -u    Report changes in 'Usage' Attributes
      -t    Equivalent to -p and -u Directives
      -i ID Ignore Attribute ID for -f Directive
      -I ID Ignore Attribute ID for -p, -u or -t Directive
       #    Comment: text after a hash sign is ignored
       \    Line continuation character
    Attribute ID is a decimal integer 1 <= ID <= 255
    All but -S directive are only implemented for ATA devices
    Example: /dev/hda -a
    This code is still very experimental and needs some testing before I generate a release.
    git-svn-id: https://smartmontools.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/smartmontools/trunk@147 4ea69e1a-61f1-4043-bf83-b5c94c648137