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Added proposed options for -m smartd.conf directive

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......@@ -221,7 +221,13 @@ The following table shows the mapping of old options to new options:
SHOULD BECOME A COMMAND-LINE ARGUMENT (-i N, --interval N) =======> -C N Set checktime NOW CMD LINE
-f usage attributes -f
-M ADD Email addresses -m ADD
-m N Email mode -M MODE
-m -3 Email mode -M diminishing,test
-m -2 Email mode -M daily,test
-m -1 Email mode -M once,test
-m 0 Email mode -M once
-m 1 Email mode -M once
-m 2 Email mode -M daily
-m 3 Email mode -M diminishing
-i N Ignore -i N
-I N Ignore -I N
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