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CHANGELOG for smartmontools
$Id: CHANGELOG,v 1.25 2002/10/26 19:33:39 ballen4705 Exp $
$Id: CHANGELOG,v 1.26 2002/10/29 10:16:13 ballen4705 Exp $
Copyright (C) 2002 Bruce Allen <>
......@@ -25,7 +25,36 @@ NOTES FOR FUTURE RELEASES: see TODO file.
CURRENT RELEASE (see VERSION file in this directory):
smartctl: smartctl would previously print the LBA of a self-test
if it completed, and the LBA was not 0 or 0xff...f However
according to the specs this is not correct. According to the
specs, if the self-test completed without error then LBA is
undefined. This version fixes that. LBA value only printed if
self-test encountered an error.
smartd has changed significantly. This is the first CVS checkin of
code that extends the options available for smartd. The following
options can be placed into the /etc/smartd.conf file, and control the
behavior of smartd.
Configuration file Directives (following device name):
-A Device is an ATA device
-S Device is a SCSI device
-c Monitor SMART Health Status
-l Monitor SMART Error Log for changes
-L Monitor SMART Self-Test Log for new errors
-f Monitor for failure of any 'Usage' Attributes
-p Report changes in 'Prefailure' Attributes
-u Report changes in 'Usage' Attributes
-t Equivalent to -p and -u Directives
-i ID Ignore Attribute ID for -f Directive
-I ID Ignore Attribute ID for -p, -u or -t Directive
# Comment: text after a hash sign is ignored
\ Line continuation character
cleaned up functions used for printing CVS IDs. Now use string
library, as it should be.
Release: 17
Release: 18
Summary: SMARTmontools - for monitoring S.M.A.R.T. disks and devices
Name: smartmontools
Version: 5.0
......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ Packager: Bruce Allen <>
# CVS ID of this file is:
# $Id: smartmontools.spec,v 1.28 2002/10/26 20:53:08 ballen4705 Exp $
# $Id: smartmontools.spec,v 1.29 2002/10/29 10:16:13 ballen4705 Exp $
# Copyright (C) 2002 Bruce Allen <>
# Home page:
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