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added link to wiki pages on migration and coding style

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/*! @mainpage Smartmontools Sourcecode Documentation
This is the main index page. Here we will add a short introduction
This is the main index page. Here we present a short introduction
of the smartmontools software architecture and its components.<br>
Please refer to the further tabs and links to get detailed
information on each class and method.
......@@ -90,6 +90,11 @@
Provide the functions defined in this file by fleshing out the
skeletons below. You can entirely eliminate the function
-# Wiki page DeveloperHowToMigrate gives detail instructions on
how to migrate old os_youros.cpp to new class interface<br><br><br>
-# We also started a page about CodingStyle<br><br><br>
-# Contact to see
about checking your code into the smartmontools SVN archive.
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