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Now creates an aperture map as well, when preparing a phase map for finesse.

parent 5f755e9f
......@@ -41,8 +41,13 @@ class MirrorROQWeights:
if self.tBack is not None: self.tBack.writeToFile(f=f)
class surfacemap(object):
def __init__(self, name, maptype, size, center, step_size, scaling, data=None,
notNan=None, Rc=None, zOffset=None, xyOffset=(.0,.0)):
size, center, step_size, xyOffset are all tuples of the form (x, y),
i.e., (col, row).
''' = name
self.type = maptype
......@@ -60,12 +65,12 @@ class surfacemap(object):
self._xyOffset = xyOffset
if data is None: = np.zeros(size) = np.zeros(size[::-1])
else: = data
if notNan is None:
self.notNan = np.ones(size)
self.notNan = np.ones(size[::-1], dtype=bool)
self.notNan = notNan
......@@ -1088,9 +1093,24 @@ class surfacemap(object):
rho = np.sqrt(X**2 + Y**2)
return rho, phi
def preparePhaseMap(self, xyOffset=None, w=None, verbose=False):
def preparePhaseMap(self, w=None, xyOffset=None, verbose=False):
Based on Simtools function 'FT_prepare_phase_map_for_finesse.m' by Charlotte Bond.
Prepares the phase mirror map for being used in Finesse. The map is cropped, and
the curvature, offset and tilt are removed, in that order.
Input: w, xyOffset, verbose
w - radius of Gaussian weights [m]. If specified, surfaces are fitted
to the mirror map when removing curvature and tilt. Otherise, the
whole mirror map is treated the same, thus covolutions with Zernike
polynomials are used instead.
xyOffset - Beam center offset compared to the mirror center.
verbose - True makes a chatty method, while False only prints the end results.
Output: amap
amap - Aperture map (absorption map), i.e. zeros within the map surface and
ones outside it.
Based on Charlotte Bond's Simtools function 'FT_prepare_phase_map_for_finesse.m'.
if verbose:
......@@ -1194,7 +1214,15 @@ class surfacemap(object):
self.zernikeRemoved = (0,0,A0)
if verbose:
print(' Equivalent Z00 amplitude from accumulated z-offsets, A00 = {:.2f}'.format(A0))
if verbose:
print(' Creating aperture map...')
# --------------------------------------------------------
amap = aperturemap(, self.size, self.step_size,
if verbose:
print(' Aperture map created.')
if xyOffset is not None:
if verbose:
print(' Offsetting mirror center in the xy-plane...')
......@@ -1208,13 +1236,16 @@ class surfacemap(object):
self.xyOffset = (0,0)
if verbose:
print(' Writing phase map to file...')
print(' Writing maps to file...')
# --------------------------------------------------------
filename = + '_finesse.txt'
if verbose:
print(' Phase map written to file {:s}'.format(filename))
filename = + '_aperture.txt'
if verbose:
print(' Aperture map written to file {:s}'.format(filename))
if verbose:
print(' Writing result information to file...')
# --------------------------------------------------------
......@@ -1222,7 +1253,8 @@ class surfacemap(object):
if verbose:
print(' Result written to file {:s}'.format(filename))
# Printing results to terminal
print('Phase map prepared!' )
......@@ -1249,14 +1281,12 @@ class surfacemap(object):
# Todo:
# Add "create aperture map"
return amap
def writeMapPrepResults(self, filename,w):
def writeMapPrepResults(self, filename, w):
Writing results to file. Not yet finished.
Writing result information to file. The same info that is written to the
import time
with open(filename,'w') as mapfile:
......@@ -1568,8 +1598,10 @@ class mergedmap:
class aperturemap(surfacemap):
def __init__(self, name, size, step_size, R):
surfacemap.__init__(self, name, "absorption both", size, (np.array(size)+1)/2.0, step_size, 1)
def __init__(self, name, size, step_size, R, center=None):
if center is None:
center = (np.array(size)+1)/2.0
surfacemap.__init__(self, name, "absorption both", size, center, step_size, 1)
self.R = R
......@@ -1584,7 +1616,7 @@ class aperturemap(surfacemap):
radius = np.sqrt(xx**2 + yy**2) = np.zeros(self.size) = np.zeros(self.size[::-1])[radius > self.R] = 1.0
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