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Removed print, and added comments

parent 241e44c0
......@@ -902,6 +902,20 @@ class grating(Component):
class isolator(Component):
def __init__(self, name, node1, node2, S = 0, node3="dump", option = 0, L = 0):
Creates an isolator component. Ligth passes from node 1 to node 2, and from node
2 to node 3.
S Suppression factor for the reversed direction [power dB].
L Loss, fraction of input power loss. Number between 0 and 1.
option 0: Light passes from node1 to node2, and from node2 to node3. Light
is suppressed when going from node3 to node2, and from node2 to
1: Light passes from node2 to node1, and from node3 to node2. Light
is suppressed when going from node1 to node2, and from node2 to
Component.__init__(self, name)
......@@ -941,10 +955,11 @@ class isolator(Component):
if len(values) == 4:
return isolator(values[0], values[2], values[3], values[1], option=option)
elif len(values) == 5:
# Checking if loss is specified
# Checking if loss is specified, should be a number.
if values[2].isnumeric():
return isolator(values[0], values[3], values[4], values[1],
L=values[2], option=option)
# .. if not a number, it's a node name.
return isolator(values[0], values[2], values[3], node3=values[4],
S=values[1], option=option)
......@@ -964,7 +979,6 @@ class isolator(Component):
for p in self._params:
return rtn
def getOptivisComponent(self):
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