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First of all, welcome Simran to our group! This is the Max Planck Institute for Gravitationalphysics (Also called AEI, Albert Einstein Institute). The AEI in Hannover carries on a variety of experimental, theoretical and numerical research topics on gravitational waves. People here develop and operate a ground-based gravitational wave detector GEO-600, look for and analyze the signals of gravitational waves from compact binary coalescence (CBC) and continuous waves (CW), and so on. A more detailed introduction of this institute can be found [here](
The mentor would be me, Yifan Wang, my personal website is [here](
## Brief Introduction on the research project
Gravitational wave astronomy has brought observational astronomy into a new era. So far over 50 gravitaitonal-wave events have been recorded by [LIGO]( (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory) and [Virgo]( detectors, all are from mergers of black holes or neutron stars. The discover has lead to significant scientific progress, e.g, testing the validity of general relativity in strong gravity regime, inferring the population synthesis of black holes and neutron stars, and so on.
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