Commit 22b46344 authored by Gregory Ashton's avatar Gregory Ashton
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Improve logging info

parent f4c5218b
......@@ -2174,19 +2174,23 @@ class MCMCFollowUpSearch(MCMCSemiCoherentSearch):
DeltaDelta = self.get_width_from_prior(self.theta_prior, 'Delta')
DeltaMid = self.get_mid_from_prior(self.theta_prior, 'Delta')
DeltaOmega = np.sin(DeltaMid) * DeltaDelta * DeltaAlpha'Search over Alpha and Delta')
else:'No sky search requested')
DeltaOmega = 0
if 'F0' in self.theta_keys:
DeltaF0 = self.get_width_from_prior(self.theta_prior, 'F0')
raise ValueError('You are searching over F0?')
raise ValueError("You aren't searching over F0?")
DeltaFs = [DeltaF0]
if 'F1' in self.theta_keys:
DeltaF1 = self.get_width_from_prior(self.theta_prior, 'F1')
if 'F2' in self.theta_keys:
DeltaF2 = self.get_width_from_prior(self.theta_prior, 'F2')
if 'F2' in self.theta_keys:
DeltaF2 = self.get_width_from_prior(self.theta_prior, 'F2')
DeltaFs.append(DeltaF2)'Searching over Frequency and {} spin-down components'
if type(self.theta_prior['F0']) == dict:
fiducial_freq = self.get_mid_from_prior(self.theta_prior, 'F0')
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