Commit 365bf803 authored by Gregory Ashton's avatar Gregory Ashton
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Fix sftfilenames and sftfilepath for multiple detectors

If there are multiple detectors, then multiple .sft files are generated.
This updates the attribute 'sftfilename' -> 'sftfilenames', a list of
those files while also updating 'sftpilpath' to a colon separated list
of the relevant sft files.
parent 0c858c7f
......@@ -940,10 +940,13 @@ class Writer(BaseSearchClass):
self.data_duration = self.maxStartTime - self.minStartTime
numSFTs = int(float(self.data_duration) / self.Tsft)
self.sftfilename = lalpulsar.OfficialSFTFilename(
'H', '1', numSFTs, self.Tsft, self.minStartTime,
self.data_duration, self.label)
self.sftfilepath = '{}/{}'.format(self.outdir, self.sftfilename)
self.sftfilenames = [
dets[0], dets[1], numSFTs, self.Tsft, self.minStartTime,
self.data_duration, self.label)
for dets in self.detectors.split(',')]
self.sftfilepath = ';'.join([
'{}/{}'.format(self.outdir, fn) for fn in self.sftfilenames])
def check_inputs(self):
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