Commit 48d1f278 authored by Gregory Ashton's avatar Gregory Ashton
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Add function to read in SFT files to array

parent 1ac37b70
......@@ -209,3 +209,21 @@ def convert_array_to_gsl_matrix(array):
gsl_matrix = lal.gsl_matrix(*array.shape) = array
return gsl_matrix
def get_sft_array(sftfilepattern, data_duration, F0, dF0):
""" Return the raw data from a set of sfts """
SFTCatalog = lalpulsar.SFTdataFind(
sftfilepattern, lalpulsar.SFTConstraints())
MultiSFTs = lalpulsar.LoadMultiSFTs(SFTCatalog, F0-dF0, F0+dF0)
SFTs =[0]
data = []
for sft in
data = np.array(data).T
n, nsfts = data.shape
freqs = np.linspace(sft.f0, sft.f0+n*sft.deltaF, n)
times = np.linspace(0, data_duration, nsfts)
return times, freqs, data
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