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Adds documentation to the DopplerWings calculation methods

parent b4110c12
......@@ -241,23 +241,35 @@ def get_sft_array(sftfilepattern, data_duration, F0, dF0):
return times, freqs, data
def get_covering_band(tref, tstart, tend, uniform_prior):
def get_covering_band(tref, tstart, tend, F0, F1, F2):
""" Get the covering band using XLALCWSignalCoveringBand
tref, tstart, tend: int
The reference, start, and end times of interest
F0, F1, F1:
Frequency and spin-down of the signal
Note: this is similar to the function
`injection_helper_functions.get_frequency_range_of_signal`, however this
does not use the sky position and calculates an estimate for a full year
search over any sky position. In this sense, it is much more conservative.
F0min, F0max: float
Estimates of the minimum and maximum frequencies of the signal during
the search
tref = lal.LIGOTimeGPS(tref)
tstart = lal.LIGOTimeGPS(tstart)
tend = lal.LIGOTimeGPS(tend)
psr = lalpulsar.PulsarSpinRange()
for i, key in enumerate(['F0', 'F1', 'F2']):
if key in uniform_prior:
if type(uniform_prior[key]) == dict and uniform_prior[key]['type'] == 'unif':
l, u = uniform_prior[key]['lower'], uniform_prior[key]['upper']
psr.fkdot[i] = (l+u)/2.
psr.fkdotBand[i] = u-l
psr.fkdot[i] = uniform_prior[key]
psr.fkdotBand[i] = 0
raise ValueError(
'uniform_prior should contain unif or const values of F0, F1, F2')
psr.fkdot[0] = F0
psr.fkdot[1] = F1
psr.fkdot[2] = F2
psr.refTime = tref
return lalpulsar.CWSignalCoveringBand(tstart, tend, psr, 0, 0, 0)
......@@ -68,6 +68,8 @@ def get_frequency_range_of_signal(F0, F1, Alpha, Delta, minStartTime,
Note: assumes tref is in the middle of the data span
Note: See also `pyfstat.helper_functions.get_covering_band`
[Fmin, Fmax]: array
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