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Adds SliceGridSearch

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......@@ -3,4 +3,4 @@ from __future__ import division as _division
from .core import BaseSearchClass, ComputeFstat, SemiCoherentSearch, SemiCoherentGlitchSearch
from .make_sfts import Writer, GlitchWriter, FrequencyModulatedArtifactWriter, FrequencyAmplitudeModulatedArtifactWriter
from .mcmc_based_searches import MCMCSearch, MCMCGlitchSearch, MCMCSemiCoherentSearch, MCMCFollowUpSearch, MCMCTransientSearch
from .grid_based_searches import GridSearch, GridUniformPriorSearch, GridGlitchSearch, FrequencySlidingWindow, DMoff_NO_SPIN
from .grid_based_searches import GridSearch, GridUniformPriorSearch, GridGlitchSearch, FrequencySlidingWindow, DMoff_NO_SPIN, SliceGridSearch
......@@ -86,6 +86,7 @@ class GridSearch(BaseSearchClass):
return np.array(x)
def get_input_data_array(self):"Generating input data array")
arrays = []
for tup in ([self.minStartTime], [self.maxStartTime], self.F0s, self.F1s, self.F2s,
self.Alphas, self.Deltas):
......@@ -286,6 +287,80 @@ class GridSearch(BaseSearchClass):
self.outdir, self.label, dets, type(self).__name__)
class SliceGridSearch(GridSearch):
""" Slice gridded search using ComputeFstat """
def __init__(self, label, outdir, sftfilepattern, F0s=[0], F1s=[0], F2s=[0],
Alphas=[0], Deltas=[0], tref=None, minStartTime=None,
maxStartTime=None, nsegs=1, BSGL=False, minCoverFreq=None,
maxCoverFreq=None, detectors=None, SSBprec=None,
injectSources=None, input_arrays=False, assumeSqrtSX=None,
label, outdir: str
A label and directory to read/write data from/to
sftfilepattern: str
Pattern to match SFTs using wildcards (*?) and ranges [0-9];
mutiple patterns can be given separated by colons.
F0s, F1s, F2s, delta_F0s, delta_F1s, tglitchs, Alphas, Deltas: tuple
Length 3 tuple describing the grid for each parameter, e.g
[F0min, F0max, dF0], for a fixed value simply give [F0]. Unless
input_arrays == True, then these are the values to search at.
tref, minStartTime, maxStartTime: int
GPS seconds of the reference time, start time and end time
input_arrays: bool
if true, use the F0s, F1s, etc as is
For all other parameters, see `pyfstat.ComputeFStat` for details
if os.path.isdir(outdir) is False:
self.keys = ['_', '_', 'F0', 'F1', 'F2', 'Alpha', 'Delta']
self.Lambda0 = np.array(Lambda0)
if len(self.Lambda0) != len(self.keys):
raise ValueError(
'Lambda0 must be of length {}'.format(len(self.keys)))
def run(self, return_data=False):
self.Lambda0s_grid = []
for j in range(self.input_data.shape[1]):
i = np.argmin(np.abs(self.Lambda0[j]-self.input_data[:, j]))
self.Lambda0s_grid.append(self.input_data[:, j][i])
old_data = self.check_old_data_is_okay_to_use()
if old_data is not False: = old_data
self.inititate_search_object()'Total number of grid points is {}'.format(
data = []
for vals in tqdm(self.input_data):
if np.sum(vals != self.Lambda0s_grid) < 3:
FS =*vals)
data.append(list(vals) + [FS])
data.append(list(vals) + [0])
data = np.array(data, dtype=np.float)
if return_data:
return data
else:'Saving data to {}'.format(self.out_file))
np.savetxt(self.out_file, data, delimiter=' ') = data
class GridUniformPriorSearch():
def __init__(self, theta_prior, NF0, NF1, label, outdir, sftfilepattern,
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