Commit 9c84967a authored by Gregory Ashton's avatar Gregory Ashton
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Adds the basic header with simple information

parent 38c217a0
......@@ -186,10 +186,21 @@ class GridSearch(BaseSearchClass):
if return_data:
return data
else:'Saving data to {}'.format(self.out_file))
np.savetxt(self.out_file, data, delimiter=' ')
self.save_array_to_disk(data) = data
def get_header(self):
header = ';'.join(['date:{}'.format(str(,
header += '\n' + ' '.join(self.keys)
return header
def save_array_to_disk(self, data):'Saving data to {}'.format(self.out_file))
header = self.get_header()
np.savetxt(self.out_file, data, delimiter=' ', header=header)
def convert_F0_to_mismatch(self, F0, F0hat, Tseg):
DeltaF0 = F0[1] - F0[0]
m_spacing = (np.pi*Tseg*DeltaF0)**2 / 12.
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