Commit c5b0828d authored by Gregory Ashton's avatar Gregory Ashton
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Update FM artifact writer

parent 7c09ea13
......@@ -332,13 +332,14 @@ class FrequencyModulatedArtifactWriter(Writer):
def __init__(self, label, outdir=".", tstart=700000000,
data_duration=86400, F0=30, F1=0, tref=None, h0=10, Tsft=1800,
duration=86400, F0=30, F1=0, tref=None, h0=10, Tsft=1800,
sqrtSX=1, Band=4, Pmod=lal.DAYSID_SI, Pmod_phi=0, Pmod_amp=1,
Alpha=None, Delta=None, IFO='H1'):
Alpha=None, Delta=None, IFO='H1', minStartTime=None,
maxStartTime=None, detectors='H1'):
tstart, data_duration : int
tstart, duration : int
start and duration times (in gps seconds) of the total observation
Pmod, F0, F1 h0: float
Modulation period, freq, freq-drift, and h0 of the artifact
......@@ -352,18 +353,21 @@ class FrequencyModulatedArtifactWriter(Writer):
see `lalapps_Makefakedata_v4 --help` for help with the other paramaters
self.phi = 0
self.F2 = 0
self.tstart = int(tstart)
self.data_duration = int(data_duration)
self.duration = int(duration)
if os.path.isdir(self.outdir) is False:
if tref is None:
raise ValueError('Input `tref` not specified')
self.nsfts = int(np.ceil(self.data_duration / self.Tsft))
self.data_duration_days = self.data_duration / 86400.
self.nsfts = int(np.ceil(self.duration / self.Tsft))
self.duration = self.duration / 86400.
self.cosi = 0
......@@ -412,7 +416,7 @@ class FrequencyModulatedArtifactWriter(Writer):
def concatenate_sft_files(self):
SFTFilename = lalpulsar.OfficialSFTFilename(
self.IFO[0], self.IFO[1], self.nsfts, self.Tsft, int(self.tstart),
int(self.data_duration), self.label)
int(self.duration), self.label)
# If the file already exists, simply remove it for now (no caching
# implemented)
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