Commit cc0ca10a authored by Gregory Ashton's avatar Gregory Ashton
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Adds Tcoh time to log

parent f7c9bdbd
......@@ -1957,8 +1957,10 @@ class MCMCFollowUpSearch(MCMCSemiCoherentSearch):
loglargs=(,), betas=self.betas,
a=proposal_scale_factor)'Running {}/{} with {} steps and {} nsegs'.format(
j+1, len(self.nsteps), (nburn, nprod), nseg))'Running {}/{} with {} steps and {} nsegs '
'(Tcoh={:1.2f} days)').format(
j+1, len(self.nsteps), (nburn, nprod), nseg,
sampler = self.run_sampler_with_progress_bar(
sampler, nburn+nprod, p0)"Mean acceptance fraction: {}"
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