Commit d4139c3c authored by Gregory Ashton's avatar Gregory Ashton
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Minor fixes to GridGlitchSearch

parent c5e25404
......@@ -520,7 +520,7 @@ class GridGlitchSearch(GridSearch):
F1s=[0], F2s=[0], delta_F0s=[0], delta_F1s=[0], tglitchs=None,
Alphas=[0], Deltas=[0], tref=None, minStartTime=None,
maxStartTime=None, minCoverFreq=None, maxCoverFreq=None,
BSGL=False, detectors=None, write_after=1000):
......@@ -538,14 +538,16 @@ class GridGlitchSearch(GridSearch):
For all other parameters, see pyfstat.ComputeFStat.
self.input_arrays = False
if tglitchs is None:
self.tglitchs = [self.maxStartTime]
raise ValueError('You must specify `tglitchs`') = SemiCoherentGlitchSearch(
label=label, outdir=outdir, sftfilepattern=self.sftfilepattern,
tref=tref, minStartTime=minStartTime, maxStartTime=maxStartTime,
minCoverFreq=minCoverFreq, maxCoverFreq=maxCoverFreq,
BSGL=self.BSGL) =
if os.path.isdir(outdir) is False:
......@@ -554,17 +556,17 @@ class GridGlitchSearch(GridSearch):
'delta_F1', 'tglitch']
def get_input_data_array(self):
arrays = []"Generating input data array")
coord_arrays = []
for tup in (self.F0s, self.F1s, self.F2s, self.Alphas, self.Deltas,
self.delta_F0s, self.delta_F1s, self.tglitchs):
input_data = []
for vals in itertools.product(*arrays):
for vals in itertools.product(*coord_arrays):
self.arrays = arrays
self.input_data = np.array(input_data)
self.coord_arrays = coord_arrays
class FrequencySlidingWindow(GridSearch):
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