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adding in newton cotes test

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# this is a null test, we take a map with a tilt in x any y and cancel it out with the
# inverse of bayerhelms. This tests the integration is working as well as matching up
# with how bayer helms and tilt is defined
l l1 1 0 n0
s s1 100 n0 n1
m m1 1 0 0 n1 n2
s s2 100 n2 n3
l l2 1 0 n3
gauss g1 m1 n1 1e-2 0
maxtem 5
map m1
conf m1 integration_method 4
conf m1 integration_NC_order 1
attr m1 xbeta -10u
attr m1 ybeta -10u
beam b1 0 n0
beam b2 0 n3
xaxis b1 x lin -3 3 100
put b2 x $x1
x2axis b1 y lin -3 3 100
put b2 y $x2
gnuterm no
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This diff is collapsed.
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