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Commit 23b998fd authored by David Keitel's avatar David Keitel

ComputeFstat: fix whatToCompute

 -it's a bit field, so need += in atoms case
parent ca31578f
......@@ -554,10 +554,9 @@ class ComputeFstat(BaseSearchClass):"Initialising FstatInput")
dFreq = 0
self.whatToCompute = lalpulsar.FSTATQ_2F
if self.transientWindowType or self.computeAtoms:
self.whatToCompute = lalpulsar.FSTATQ_ATOMS_PER_DET
self.whatToCompute = lalpulsar.FSTATQ_2F
self.whatToCompute += lalpulsar.FSTATQ_ATOMS_PER_DET
FstatOAs = lalpulsar.FstatOptionalArgs()
FstatOAs.randSeed = lalpulsar.FstatOptionalArgsDefaults.randSeed
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