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Adds EarthTest

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......@@ -180,23 +180,31 @@ class GridSearch(BaseSearchClass):
m = self.convert_F1_to_mismatch(y, yhat, Tseg)
axY.set_ylim(m[0], m[-1])
def plot_1D(self, xkey, ax=None, x0=None, savefig=True):
def plot_1D(self, xkey, ax=None, x0=None, xrescale=1, savefig=True,
xlabel=None, ylabel='$\widetilde{2\mathcal{F}}$'):
if ax is None:
fig, ax = plt.subplots()
xidx = self.keys.index(xkey)
x = np.unique([:, xidx])
if x0:
x = x - x0
x = x * xrescale
z =[:, -1]
ax.plot(x, z)
if x0:
if xlabel:
if savefig:
fig.savefig('{}/{}_1D.png'.format(self.outdir, self.label))
return ax
return fig, ax
def plot_2D(self, xkey, ykey, ax=None, save=True, vmin=None, vmax=None,
add_mismatch=None, xN=None, yN=None, flat_keys=[],
......@@ -624,6 +632,82 @@ class FrequencySlidingWindow(GridSearch):
return ax
class EarthTest(GridSearch):
""" """
tex_labels = {'deltaRadius': '$\Delta R$ [m]',
'phaseOffset': 'phase-offset [rad]',
'deltaPspin': '$\Delta P_\mathrm{spin}$ [s]'}
def __init__(self, label, outdir, sftfilepattern, deltaRadius,
phaseOffset, deltaPspin, F0, F1, F2, Alpha,
Delta, tref=None, minStartTime=None, maxStartTime=None,
BSGL=False, minCoverFreq=None, maxCoverFreq=None,
detectors=None, injectSources=None,
label, outdir: str
A label and directory to read/write data from/to
sftfilepattern: str
Pattern to match SFTs using wildcards (*?) and ranges [0-9];
mutiple patterns can be given separated by colons.
F0, F1, F2, Alpha, Delta: float
tref, minStartTime, maxStartTime: int
GPS seconds of the reference time, start time and end time
For all other parameters, see `pyfstat.ComputeFStat` for details
self.nsegs = 1
self.F0s = [F0]
self.F1s = [F1]
self.F2s = [F2]
self.Alphas = [Alpha]
self.Deltas = [Delta]
self.deltaRadius = np.atleast_1d(deltaRadius)
self.phaseOffset = np.atleast_1d(phaseOffset)
self.deltaPspin = np.atleast_1d(deltaPspin)
self.SSBprec = lalpulsar.SSBPREC_RELATIVISTIC
self.keys = ['deltaRadius', 'phaseOffset', 'deltaPspin']
def get_input_data_array(self):"Generating input data array")
coord_arrays = [self.deltaRadius, self.phaseOffset, self.deltaPspin]
input_data = []
for vals in itertools.product(*coord_arrays):
self.input_data = np.array(input_data)
self.coord_arrays = coord_arrays
def run(self):
old_data = self.check_old_data_is_okay_to_use()
if old_data is not False: = old_data
if hasattr(self, 'search') is False:
data = []
vals = [self.minStartTime, self.maxStartTime, self.F0, self.F1,
self.F2, self.Alpha, self.Delta]
for (dR, dphi, dP) in tqdm(self.input_data):
rescaleRadius = (1 + dR / lal.REARTH_SI)
rescalePeriod = (1 + dP / lal.DAYSID_SI)
rescaleRadius, dphi, rescalePeriod, self.tref)
FS =*vals)
data.append(list([dR, dphi, dP]) + [FS])
data = np.array(data, dtype=np.float)'Saving data to {}'.format(self.out_file))
np.savetxt(self.out_file, data, delimiter=' ') = data
class DMoff_NO_SPIN(GridSearch):
""" DMoff test using SSBPREC_NO_SPIN """
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